Save the Date:

January 26, 2019 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM (Lunch is provided.)

Wells Fargo Conference Center

1755 Grant Street

Concord, CA.


What is the Ozanam Orientation?


The Ozanam Orientation provides a solid foundation of the Society and its purpose to new and experienced volunteer Vincentians, alike! The purpose of the program is to introduce new volunteers to the message “who we are and what we are all about” and to re-acquaint existing members with our spirituality and heritage, and to share best practices. 

The target audience for the program is existing volunteer “Vincentians”, new volunteers, prospective volunteers, and interested parties. New Vincentians benefit tremendously from this program because it provides an overview of the history, spirituality, organization, and current endeavors, as well as training on how to coordinate and conduct an effective home visit.

Why is St. Vincent de Paul emphasizing this training for 2019?

Even the most experienced Vincentians have gained knowledge and shared new insights by attending the Ozanam Orientation revamped in 2016. 

Of great importance is the sharing and learning that takes place when members of different branches (conferences) come together and have opportunities to interact with each other.  Best practices are shared, and dynamic problem-solving is provided.


Serving those in need can be very demanding, and “compassion fatigue” is common for those serving clients in the social service environment. Burnout is a genuine possibility. The danger lies in thinking that we can solve the problems of poverty on our own, or being overwhelmed with the challenges of poverty. Training and support is structured around a wholesome, communal approach to serving others.

Objectives include:

  • To deepen spirituality and knowledge of Vincentian volunteers
  • Develop awareness of the mission, purpose, and tradition of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Improve the sensitivity, quality, and efficiency of service
  • Learn about benefits, resources, and opportunities available for the poor


Please join us to kick off 2019  at the Bay Area Ozanam Orientation!

January 26, 2019 8:30 AM

Wells Fargo Conference Center

1755 Grant Street

Concord, CA.

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