SVdP of Contra Costa County Dental Services program for the poor and uninsured provides life-changing dental care for impoverished, uninsured residents. The program is managed by SVdP, with low-cost dental services provided through partnerships with La Clinica Dental and Lifelong Dental, licensed dental providers and/or dentists in private practice providing services to our clients for free. The dental program serves residents with no dental insurance, providing exam, cleaning, x-rays, and additional services. Patients are referred to the program from SVdP branches. Clients with infection/pain are prioritized.

· Uninsured patients, (many in pain or with dental infection), are referred to SVdP Dental Committee by SVdP branches or free medical clinic
· Patient request is screened and reviewed by Dental Committee, (with licensed dentist on SVdP Committee conducting assessment of medical need for dental services)
· If accepted, patient receives services via La Clinica Dental Clinic in Concord or Pittsburg, Lifelong Dental in West County, or local dentist who has agreed to provide free services to our clients
· SVdP of CCC provides all funding for dental services incurred by uninsured patients in our program

· An estimated 50% of patients are found eligible and enrolled in Denti-Cal, state dental insurance for low income residents, extending the impact of this program to twice the number of patients served.

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