Tuesdays with Vincent are a series of Zoom talks done in 2021 and 2022 by experts in the history of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  It start with St. Vincent and then goes through each of the organizations that he started and the primary people that helped form the Society.

Who is St. Vincent de Paul? – Fr. John Rybolt, C.M.


                      Vincent de Paul, The Trailblazer – 1 of 3

                      Vincent de Paul, The Trailblazer – 2 of 3

                      Vincent de Paul, The Trailblazer – 3 of 3

The Ladies of Charity – Sr Paule Freeburg

The Congregation of the Mission – Fr Tom McKenna, CM 

Bl. Rosalie Rendu – Sr. Louise Sullivan

Bl. Frederic Ozanam – Ralph Middlecamp  

The Ladies of Charity – Suzanne Hoag Johnson


                      Saint Vincent’s First Foundation_ The Ladies of Charity

 Elizabeth Ann Seton – Sr. Betty Ann McNeil, D.C.

                      Betty Ann McNeil, D.C. Bio

                      Outline Elizabeth Seton 

                      Elizabeth Seton_ Her World and Her Church

                      Elizabeth Seton_ Key Relationships in Her Life 1774_1809

                      Her Doing Heart_ Key Relationships in Elizabeth Setons Life_ 1809-1821

                      The Key Role of Friendship in the Life of Elizabeth Bayley Seton