Donations Vehicles

Auto donation is easy and directly supports SVdP programs!

We accept all vehicles, running or not, and offer FREE pick up seven days a week. Will

provide documentation for your tax-deductible gift!

Call (925) 439- 5060 to begin the process.

What are the benefits of donating my vehicle?

  • You may reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized.
  • You can avoid the costs associated with selling your car such as advertising.
  • There is no loss of privacy or possible security risk.
  • You will no longer need to pay for insurance or car repairs to keep your car in running condition while you wait for a buyer, and in some circumstances vehicle registration isn’t required.

What types of vehicles do you accept?

We accept most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, off road vehicles, heavy equipment and other motorized vehicles.

Does my car have to be running to donate it?

We can take your vehicle running or not. However, it must be in one piece, have an engine, and be towable.

How quickly can I get my vehicle picked up?

You will be contacted within one business day to start the donation process. Once the donation record has been created and completed, we will reach out to you within 2 to 3 business days to schedule your pick-up.

Do I need a smog certificate to donate my car?

For states that require smog certificates or safety inspections, you may donate your vehicle without these documents.

Do I need the title to donate my vehicle?

Yes, you will need the title to the vehicle. If you do not have it, it is possible that other arrangements can be made.

What do you do with donated vehicles?

SVdP’s primary goal is to match a neighbor in need from Contra Costa County with a functioning vehicle. Once a vehicle is received, it is evaluated to assess the cost effectiveness of repairing it. If the repairs required are major, we will forward to the SVdP National car donation program to be sold at auction. A percentage of the proceeds will be given to the District Council. For unique or specialty items that have been donated, we may use other means to sell the vehicle to help ensure the maximum amount of money is received for each donation. Tax deductions are determined upon inspection with the current Kelly Blue Book value used as a reference.