Everything that a conference needs to know to properly conduct their business is included on this page.  The information is split up into the following categories:  President Training, Treasurer Training, Spiritual Advisor Training, Invitation to serve, Impact Statements, Seattle Database, Bylaws and Misc.  Sometimes the best way to learn is to attend another conference’s monthly meeting.  Here is information on them.

SVdP Conference Meeting Times

President Training

2022 Conference President Spiritual Advisor Training

Conference President Survival Kit

2021 Presidents/Vice Presidents Officer’s Zoom Training

Conference President Training 5 20 16 Power Point

1-Conference President Training Power Point

Conference President Training ’19 Power Point

2020 President Training Zoom video

Conference Presidents Manual

SVdP President Training 2021 Word Document

Conference President Training Power Point

Treasurer Training

Treasurer’s Training 11-28-22

SVdP CCC Treasurers Officer’s Zoom Training 2021



Treasurer’s example of bank recording pg2

Accounting11 (2)

Conference Treasurer Training

Cash Balance 

Instructions on how to do report by Bill Hurley 

Treasurer training

Be sure to scroll down and review the training for the Seattle database.

                          Annual Report

                            Link to quarterly and annual form on National’s website

                           National’s Tutorial Videos on completing the annual report

                            District Guidelines for quarterly and annual report


                            Annual Report Tutorial for Conferences

                            Explanation of In Kind Services 

                            Spreadsheet to calculate mileage 

                            Spreadsheet to calculate service hours 

                            XYZ Conference sample report non Seattle 

                            XYZ Conference sample report-Seattle database

                            SVdP USA members portal – This is where conferences enter their annual report and update their conference roster

Secretary Training

Secretary’s Workshop 2022

SVdP CCC Secretaries 2021 Officer’s Zoom Training

Spiritual Advisor Training

Sr Paule’s SA training Nov 2022

Sr Paule’s SA training Notes Nov 2022

500-Little-Prayers-for-Vincentians 4 per pg

Spiritual Advisor training per Seattle

Training-Our-Spiritual-Advisors – Denver 2019

Vincentian Spirituality


Invitation to serve

Recruiting and Retaining Members

ITS for New and Existing Conferences2017

Invitation to Serve 1-11-22 Zoom Training

Invitation to Serve 01-11-22 Power Point presentation

Invitation to Serve 12-18-21 Power Point presentation

A Prayer for Renewal


Volunteer Contact Sheet

Holy Rosary flyer 2018

St. Isidore Bulletin

St. Isidore bulletin – 2

St. Bonaventure Brochure – Front

St. Bonaventure Brochure – Back

St John Vianney Bulletin

Invitation to Serve for Recruitment

Invitation to Serve (for extending new conferences)

Impact Statements

St Anthony Annual Report 2022

St Anthony Impact Flyer 2019 Template

St B 2020-21 report

St-Paul-Impact-Flyer-2022-Template II

Begging letter – March 2021

Example of parish ad for food pantry donations

Seattle Database

Seattle System Presentation – 12_3_2022

Conference Database

ConfDB Users 101 Presentation (2021-06-12)

Treasurer 101 Training Webinar

For Administrators Your New Conference

Zoom training for newbies

Seattle Database Training

Reasons to use Seattle database

Password Requirements


Database Workshop Powerpoint   

Explanation of In Kind Services 


Bylaws – Holy Rosary with all edits Sept 2019


Bylaws – Document 1 Conferences without a Board – Apr 27, 2019 FN

Bylaws – Template for all conferences – Sept 2019

Store Vouchers and Application for a Donated Car

Zoom Voucher Writing Training Jan 2023

Voucher Writing Procedures

Vouchers – Completed Sample 05-01-19

Voucher Policy 1-17-19

Conference Store Price Guidelines 10-22

Auto Assistance Program Referral Form



President Ralph Middlecamp’s Comments on Conference Standards of Excellence

Link to Conference Standards of Excellence

Conference Aggregation Dates

Minimum Requirements for Conferences

Fundamental Principles of the conference

Checklist for Traditional Requirements

Commitment and Commissioning Ceremonies-2019

SVdP Standard Conference Meeting Agenda

Conference Growth & Revitalization Webinar

BRICKS – Phoenix Handbook for conferences

8 – delegating conference responsibilities


SVdP ofCCC Conferences-Effective Fundraising & Communications 1-27-17

Links to buying SVdP items

HIPAA Training for Conferences 050115

Conference Officer Matrix of Responsibilities

District Council Brochure

St. Vincent de Paul CCC Summary of Services and Contacts ENG 06-21

St. Vincent de Paul CCC Resumen de Servicios y Contactos SPA 06-21