Home Visits are one of the main acts of charity that a conference should perform.  Two Vincentians go to the home of the neighbor in need and listen to them.  Hopefully the neighbor can figure out how to solve their problem with the help of the Vincentians.  The Vincentians are there to see the face of Christ in the poor and to aid them in their effort to resolve their problem.  Here are a lot of documents that might help Vincentians with their home visit.

Why Do Home Visits

Home Visit Prayers

Holy Rosary Home Visit guide

Home visits-Serving in Hope Module VI Session 6.4

Reason for Home Visits – Phoenix Council

Ground Rules for Home Visits – Phoenix Council

Questions For St Vincent de Paul Home Visits

Readings for Vincentian Visits

Home Visit Budget Form used by Holy Rosary Conf

Cash Flow Spreadsheet Sample

Food Access ServicesFY2014-15UD8715A

Bilingual Budget and Balance Sheet Blank for copies 

The Eviction Process 

Resources Scorecard – Bridges 10 17 14


How to Budget as a handout

Motivational Interviewing County Homeless training slides 11-28-22

Link to County Zoom training on motivational interviewing