Please note, this page is a resource page which exists so that St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County Vincentians can have a centralized place to download and access the documents they use to help their neighbors in need.

The forms below are only accepted if filled out by an SVdP Member.

This section is not for those looking for assistance. If you need help click HERE to find the closest SVdP conference to you.

You can also call 211 and they will give you the names of organizations that can help you.

Conference Presidents and Members: Here are guidelines that were presented at the Sept 2022 District Council Meeting.

a) What local resources are available

i) Parish Conference

ii) Twinning or co-pay with other conferences

iii) Other Ministries in your parish

b) What County Resources are available for Housing? (This is the order in which you should apply for assistance)

1. Shelter Inc. (925) 338-1038

2. Seasons of Sharing

3. Catholic Charities (you can use Hope Conference application!) (510) 768-3100

c) As a resource of last resort, please apply to the Hope Conference for housing.

Below you will find applications separated by the fund or organization to which they should be submitted. For rental or deposit aid. This page does not include PG&E. That is a separate page.


On 12-20-22 Shelter Inc notified us that they have run out of money for regular eviction prevention cases.

Shelter Inc processes all requests through their website. Go to

Many of our neighbors in need that are somewhat computer savvy will be able to do this on their own without our help. Some may need help in uploading documents. Some may need a lot of help.

On 10/4/22 Shelter Inc. said that they are striving for 3-5 week turnaround on applications. However because they just switched to a new computer interface they are not there. They will probably not answer the phone right away, but will try to return calls within 24 hours. They get funding from many different sources and every source has a different requirement. Sometimes they can help residents of one city, but can’t help someone who lives a couple blocks away because they are in a different city. For Covid money the person does not have to be sustainable. For non Covid they have to be sustainable.

Click here to see the one hour presentation that they gave to SVdP in Oct 22 on how to apply for help with there web based system.

Use this passcode to see the video: @Uw$Vi3F

Here are the documents from the presentation:

SHELTER Inc. Eviction Prevention Programs – 2022

SHELTER Inc. – Eviction Prevention Oct. 2022


Posted as of March 21, 2023

From Season of Sharing Executive Director:

I wanted to let you know that our COVID criteria, which has been in effect for three years, will come to an end on March 31, 2023. We will not be extending it any further. That means that we will be reverting to the criteria that was in place before – with two exceptions:

  • Rent/mortgage does not have to be delinquent; you can provide assistance for months going forward.
  • Applicants are eligible for up to $5,000 in assistance regardless of the number of months of rent/mortgage the assistance will provide; there is no need to get approval from me for applications over $3,000.

Please note that sustainability going forward will go back into effect starting April 1. As you are aware, we are considering removing the sustainability criteria, for now though it will go back into effect. We are currently gathering more information and will be in touch about sustainability going forward in the next few weeks.

As for the assistance available once every five years, this will remain in effect for now. If a client received assistance twice during our COVID criteria, please use the date of most recent assistance as their new five-year start date.

Finally, thank you for your amazing work throughout the pandemic. We are very grateful for your flexibility, diligence, compassion, hard work, expertise, and oversight.

Many, many thanks,


Contact Vincentian Services if you need to contact SoS due to a tight timeline or have some other issue that needs to be resolved.


SoS budget form

What is Seasons of Sharing

Seasons of Sharing Guidlines for Workers 8-2022

SOS Workshop Aug 2017


New Rules effective 9-1-21

SoS Policy for Covid Nov 2020

SOS COVID 19 Guidelines 3-26-20

SoS Policy for 2020 fire victims


On 2-8-23 Catholic Charities informed us that they have run out of money. They now submit to SoS.

Catholic Charities is working PG&E to sign up people with PG&E programs, but not to pay their bills. For help with paying PG&E bills go to the PG&E webpage. Here are the forms for people to fill out. If they have trouble Catholic Charities will help them. They can contact CC at:

Delia Ledezma (510)768-3104

Dora Segura (925)771-8247





Use these forms or the Hope application. Mail the form to Dora Segura at

Catholic Charities Housing Application

Catholic Charities Release for St Vincent de Paul

DRAFT C3HP Application process Docs Needed 4 15 2020

EFSP Document File


English Intake Application 1 2020

United Way Program Release of Information for St.Vincent de Paul 3 2022

United Way Guidelines

UWAY List of documents 3 2022

SPANISH Intake application 01-2020 (1)

Spanish ROI for StVDP 3 2022

Spanish List of Documents United Way 3 2022



Conferences need to submit complete, readable applications and supporting documentation. Please avoid submitting JPEGs – they are often unreadable. Please submit scanned documents (PDF) whenever possible. Many smart phones have scanning capability built in.

  1. You will receive an email confirmation when your complete, readable application with supporting documentation has been received. If the application is unreadable and/or incomplete, it will be returned.
  2. Understand the submission dates: the Hope Conference meets every other week to review the cases submitted by Wednesday of the previous week. Our calendar of meetings and submission deadlines can be found on the SVDP-CC website.

Please understand that submission is not a guarantee of funding. Hope Conference funding takes place only after a review of each case and if there are funds available.

SVdP Hope Conference Application – English (July 2022)_V3

SVdP Hope Application SPANISH (PRINTABLE) 1-25-23

SVdP Application Missing Documents Checklist – English (June 2022)

SVdP Release of Information – English (June 2022)

Tenant Landlord Information – formerly landlord verification

Form W-9 for Landlord

Hope Conference 2023-2024 Fiscal Year Meeting Schedule

1099 MISC

The IRS requires that if a conference makes a rent payment to an individual landlord in the amount of $600 or more the District Council must issue the IRS a 1099 form by January 31 of the following calendar year. If Hope, Seasons of Sharing or Catholic Charities issues the check, then the conference does not have to do anything. These documents instruct the conference on how to pass on the correct paperwork so that the DC can file form 1099.

Sample Landlord W9 request Letter

SAMPLE-Landlord Payment Record for 1099

Conference Landlord Payment Record for 1099

National’s Position on 1099 forms

Policy for Reporting Rent Payments to the IRS



Store Vouchers and Application for a Donated Car

Voucher Writing Procedures

Vouchers – Completed Sample 05-01-19

Voucher Policy APPROVED 01 17 19

Voucher – Store Price Guidelines 5-19

Auto Assistance Program Referral Form