Contra Costa Diocesan Conferences are independent of the Parish, but exists with the blessing of the Bishop and the local pastor. The service area for the Conference is usually based on the parish boundaries and the community that the parish covers.

Please note that St. Vincent de Paul conferences are fairly small and are made up solely of volunteers.  They also get their main funding by the generosity of the parishioners where they are located.  It is usually best to contact larger charities that have more money and paid staff prior to contacting a SVdP conference.

To find all organizations that can help you, call 211 or go to

Agencies that can help with rent are:

     Hope Solutions – The only way to get referred to them is by calling 211

     Shelter Inc –

     Catholic Charities East Bay

For help with PG&E first try to utilize one of PG&E’s many programs:

      LIHEAP –

     If you owe less than $500 try REACH –                              

For help with a water bill: LIWHAP –

To find a food pantry:

To find the closest conference to where you live click on this link:

It will show you all of the parishes in Contra Costa and Alameda County.  If you live in Alameda County go to

After you determine which parish in Contra Costa County that you live in click on this link,SVdP Conference list by parish with services, to find the conference that can help you and what services they offer.  Please note that if the conference that serves the area that you live in does not offer the services that you need, then SVdP will not be able to help you and you need to try a different organization.

A simplified list showing which conference supports which city can be reached by clicking here: Parish Conference Contacts by City

However it does not get into detail on what services the conferences offer and you may be redirected to another conference if there are multiple conferences in the same area.