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Your donation goes on to touch the lives of thousands – whether the most vulnerable in our community are facing an urgent need or someone who has suffered a severe sudden setback. The high cost of living negatively effects many of us, especially our low-income neighbors.  The help that St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County provides to struggling neighbors may take the form of rental & utility assistance, food supplies & meals, clothing & furniture, medical & dental care for the uninsured, employment & training, and more.

We need your support to continue helping others like Jonathan, who never thought he would need the assistance of an organization like St. Vincent de Paul. Please consider sending a donation today.

April 15th is a date that Jonathan W. won’t soon forget. That was the day his life changed, forever.  Jonathan, a transplant from Maine, is just one member of our community that found help from St. Vincent de Paul when he needed it most. As a college-educated Director of Business Development at a renewable energy company, Jonathan had done pretty well for himself.  He is like many of the hard-working, successful people who have experienced a life crisis and have needed assistance from St. Vincent de Paul.

The crisis for Jonathan came when he was robbed and beaten within an inch of his life.

“I woke up with a breathing tube in the John Muir trauma ward,” says Jonathan, “It was nearly 7 hours after the attack. I thought initially I was going to lose my eye. I was unable to go to work for many weeks and my company ended up letting me go. Even though most of my scars have faded, it created this sense of fear in me – it was very jarring to be attacked in the middle of the street in broad daylight, “he continued.

During Jonathan’s long recovery, he found resources tight and needed help making ends meet. A resident of San Ramon, he would drive up to Walnut Creek to get food from local food banks, and found St. Vincent de Paul at St. Mary’s Church after being referred by Trinity Center.

“St. Vincent de Paul is a place I knew I could count on every Thursday. It’s almost like Cheers – they know your name here, and they take a personal interest in you. You can keep your dignity here,” said Jonathan, “I hope to be able to give back once I’m back on my feet again. I’ve spoken with other clients while waiting outside and we’re in the same boat for the most part but our situations would be a lot worse without St. Vincent de Paul. It’s tremendous.”

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Every dollar we receive goes toward helping our neighbors in need. Jonathan hopes that he won’t rely on the help of St. Vincent de Paul forever, but while he needs it we are here.

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