Juan waits for a follow up appointment at the RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul.

The RotaCare Pittsburg Free medical Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul helps our neighbors in need get medical care when they need it most. Established in 2011, the free medical clinic is able to provide comprehensive, compassionate care to adults without insurance in Contra Costa County. The dedicated medical volunteers assist those in need without reservation, and are able to transform lives in the process, lives like Juan’s.

Juan works as a cook for a restaurant. While Juan’s wife and infant child both receive medical insurance through Medi-Cal, Juan is not a United States citizen, and does not qualify. Juan came to the free medical clinic at St. Vincent de Paul after he hurt himself at work, and started noticing a bulge in his stomach. Juan said he was worried, because he was afraid he would not be able to support his family, but a coworker told him about the free medical clinic at St. Vincent de Paul.

“At my job, we don’t get heath insurance, so normally if I get ill, I just hope things get better,” Juan said. “We don’t get any sick leave, so if I get sick it means I’m not providing for my wife and kid.”

Juan said when he came to the free medical clinic in February, in pain and weighing 291 pounds. The volunteer doctors at the free medical clinic quickly diagnosed Juan with a hernia, and worked to ensure he could receive surgery to help him. Juan said the doctors and nurses at the free medical clinic also warned him that he was pre-diabetic, and if he did not start eating better and losing weight, he may soon suffer more health complications.

“The surgery to fix my hernia happened very quickly, and I was able to get back to work,” Juan said. “But they also told me I was developing diabetes, and that scared me. I started running, walking, and biking. I came here at 291 pounds, and now I’m down to 209!”
Juan came to the United States in 2001, seeking a better life. In Mexico, he worked hard as a roadie for a rock band, helping them haul and set up their massive amps and instruments. Wanting a better life, he came to the United States and started working hard. Settling down and starting a family, Juan wants to be able to provide for his growing family, and said he is thankful for the doctors and nurses at the free medical clinic for making it possible to.

“The doctors and nurses were very nice to me,” Juan said. “I’ve told my friends about the clinic, so if they ever need it they can get help too. The clinic really saved my family.”