Sharon Patty receives a car donated through SVdP.

The Auto Donation Program at St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County matches donated cars to people in need. For those who donate their unwanted cars, this program provides a tax deduction and extra garage space. For those who receive the donated vehicles, the program means so much more. For Sharon Patty, her donated car means the world.

“It’s so surreal I still don’t believe it actually happened,” Sharon said. “This car is going to change my life. If I was younger, I would be jumping for joy.”

A senior citizen, Sharon became homeless 2 years ago. She struggled depending on shelters, food pantries, like the SVdP food pantry at St. Mary’s Church in Walnut Creek, and others for transport to medical appointments. Sharon said dealing with her disabilities while being dependent on public transportation was draining. Sharon said she is excited to drive again, and is overjoyed to have a car.

Sharon found SVdP after becoming homeless. She depended on the SVdP Food Pantry at St. Mary’s. Sharon is no longer on the street, after securing housing through the Trinity Center in Walnut Creek. Now that she has a car, Sharon is positive her life will continue to improve.

“I am just so grateful. Everyone that has helped me from SVdP has been so kind and so patient with me,” Sharon said. “I’m disabled ,and being without a car has been so hard. This is going to let me to take care of myself. It’s going to help me turn my life around.”