Back in December, one of St. Vincent de Paul’s former Workforce Development Trainees, Zanetta Fredericks, was selected for Mike’s Auto Body’s Annual Benevolence Program. 

For those of us unfamiliar with the program, Mike’s Auto Body reaches out to help their local communities by donating cars to deserving families and non-profit organizations in need.

Zanetta was in desperate need of transportation to get to work. Having working hours that required her to walk and take public transportation to a workplace not exactly close to home at sometimes unsafe hours of the day increased this need.

After Mike’s Auto Body connected with both St. Vincent de Paul and our client, she was one of the lucky ones chosen for the program! In partnership with State Farm Insurance, Zanetta was given a refurbished, used vehicle (looks brand new!) with a trunk full, and seats full of gifts for her whole family.

What a Merry Christmas, indeed!